TITLE: UnknownBasique
ARTIST: Unknown little people
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TITLE: UnknownThe Winner Is
ARTIST: Unknown DeVotchKa
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Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

The video shows a young boy trying to interact with his unresponsive father (played by Stromae), who sits motionless, his expression and body resembling that of a mannequin, while outside, other fathers and sons dance together. In the end, the son joins Stromae on the sofa, assuming a rigid, lifeless position identical to his father’s.

It refers to the absence of Stromae’s father, who was killed in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. The video has received around 189 million views. In the video, the boy’s father is represented as a lifeless mannequin, so he is present physically, but not on an emotional level. As the boy looks outside, he sees that the other parents always do something together with their sons, while his remains motionless. The boy reproaches his father with the words of the song about how a parent should raise their son, and the boy then works to involve his father in dancing, like the parent-son couples he had seen before. First, the boy dances at home in front of the father; then, both of them are seen dancing in the square, but that vision is actually just an imagination of the boy, who in reality is dancing alone while his father stays motionless in the car. In the end, the boy surrenders and also becomes an empty mannequin like his father, as that is the only thing his father has taught him. Ceasare “Tight Eyez” Willis, one of the creators of Krumping, appears in the music video as a parent dancing together with his son.

TITLE: UnknownFor Mayor In Splitsville
ARTIST: Unknown La Dispute
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ARTIST: Unknown
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TITLE: UnknownThe Conviction One
ARTIST: Unknown Cloud District
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18 notes^music
TITLE: UnknownTake On Me
ARTIST: Unknown Reel Big Fish
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TITLE: UnknownAmerican Boy
ARTIST: Unknown Estelle
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Brick - Ben Folds Five

TITLE: UnknownYouth
ARTIST: Unknown Daughter
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My progressive-whine band Cloud District just put out a single to our new EP Almanacs coming out 9/23. pls listen

And I’m sorry to hear about your ex-boyfriends and all the things they’re taking from you,
And all the things they took from you

(Everyone who’s broken is breaking up,
And everyone who’s in love is getting fucked)

TITLE: UnknownGuernica
ARTIST: Unknown Brand New
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Recorded in Boston MA in the year 2014 

Billy Centenaro - Guitar
Jesse Denaro - Drums
Jeff Kinsey - Bass
Collin Pastore - Pedal steel
Matthew Politoski - Guitar, organ, vocals
Paige Chaplin - Vocals
Chris Gooch - Banjo
Avery Ballotta - Violin

Broken Family Drum Corps:
Tim Kmet
Joe Bobula
Mike Nevin

Broken Family Mixed Boys and Girls Choir:
Olivia Laratta
Chris Geller
Mike Nevin
Nick Surette
Austin Abbott

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Billy Centenaro
Songs written by Matthew Politoski
A Portion of the lyrics to Solace are graciously on loan from Levi The Poet [www.levithepoet.net]
Photo by Chris West
Design by Tom Dauer

TITLE: UnknownPixie
ARTIST: Unknown Yeehaw!
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